For several travelers one of the first things they do, when they arrive in Thailand for a vacation, is rent a motorcycle. Cheap, and easy to get at, they are an effective way to get around and begin to see the sights of the country. Many shops offer motorbikes for hire, for little higher than a couple of dollars a day. However, there are some extremely important things you should consider before you decide to rent a motorbike in Thailand.
Thue xe may da nang

1. Perhaps you have driven in Thailand before? For lots of people this really is the first time in driving within an Asian country, such as Thailand. They’re unused to the street rules, and a lot of people drive as they’d at home. They’re unaware that dangers lurk around every corner. In Thailand it is not uncommon to own traffic weaving in and out, or to not stop at traffic lights or junctions. It’s normal to own traffic approach you on the wrong side of the street, sometimes without lights on. Undertaking (overtaking on the proper hand side) while illegal in the UK, is common in Thailand. And, unfortunately, drink driving is a common occurrence in the united states and accounts for a big proportion the high death toll on the road.

2. How experienced are you on a motorbike? Many folks are novice motorcyclists, and some haven’t ridden before at all. This enables you to doubly vulnerable, not merely because you don’t know how to deal with a bike, but additionally because you are not knowledgeable about driving in Thai traffic either. It pays to complete a brief motorcycle proficiency course when you leave home, just so you realize the basics. It might not allow you to if you hit a patch of sand on your way (a common basis for a lot of motorbike accidents in Thailand), as is driving too quickly, but it’ll enable one to be more confident and to ride to the conditions of the road.

3. Can be your motorbike roadworthy? Lots of the motorbike rentals are not in a roadworthy condition when they are hired out. Unfortunately there is little regard for maintenance, and if something goes wrong you may be in serious trouble. Always do a full check of the automobile you are about to hire, before agreeing to rent it. Look carefully at the treat on the tires and see if the bike has enough oil in it. If the bike does incur any damage while you contain it, you will undoubtedly be liable, and you will most likely have to pay an inflated rate for just about any repairs.

4. How good is your helmet? Unfortunately the helmet law is not enforced in Thailand, and so a lot of people don’t wear protective helmets when they are driving their bikes. Rental companies will often hand you a low priced, thin, plastic helmet that’ll do nothing in the event of an accident. Remember, your face is extremely fragile, and you can incur serious brain injuries in an accident, even at slow speeds. If you are renting a bike, spend money on buying your own helmet. Make certain it is DOT compliant, and done up tightly enough that in the event of an accident it won’t slip off. Lots of people die in bike accidents that might be prevented with the proper protective headgear.

5. Have you been insured? Lots of people sign up for holiday insurance, but few realize that numerous companies don’t insure you if you are in a motorbike accident. Read the little print and make sure that you are covered if you intend to rent a motorcycle as hospital bills can be expensive!

Don’t ruin your holiday having an unnecessary motorbike accident. Too many people end up in hospital consequently of hiring bikes in Thailand, and many wish they had just hired a taxi instead. If you are not used to driving a bike, don’t try to learn to drive in Thailand, learn at home.

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